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Phantom Happenings

2 May
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  • phantomroses180@livejournal.com
Hey I'm Emily!

I enjoy reading fan fiction, it has become quite addicting :) I also enjoy writing but I don't post much of what I write. Mostly because it's always unfinished thoughts, just stuff I had to get out of my head but never inteneded on finishing. My specialty is one shots for the above reason.

Yellow is the best color, along with purple and green.

Art is also something I fancy, I draw all the time. Monet and Van Gogh are 100% awesome for sure.

If you wish to know anything else about me, just ask. I will answer almost anything.

Follow me on Twitter, I'll follow you back! - http://twitter.com/KrazyForKevinJ

Oh yeah, I'm Bad, I'm Bad, I'm really really Bad!

"♫ Alone we are fine, but when we are two, we are eternal. The moon shall rise, our seperate lives here become one..." ~ Lovely Tonight By: Joshua Radin